• New resin 3d printer

    My new resin 3d printer arrived last night.  I spent some time setting up the calibration and learning how to properly operate it.  Doing some test prints to make sure settings are dialed in properly.  I'm looking forward to using both this printer for small, detailed items, and my other filament printer for larger items.  Resin prints are much more detailed than filament printers.

  • New 3d scanner

    I ordered a new 3d scanner on September 20th and still waiting for it to arrive.  It said it's on it's way now.  I'm looking forward to using the scanner to create prototypes for my use and also for others.  Once I do scan and create a 3d model I will be able to print it on my 3d printer.  Because I added a scanning and printing service to my website I hope that I will be able to help others create objects in my area.

  • Online store now setup

    Today I finally finished setting up my online store.  It took a lot of work to get things setup properly.  I did a lot of test purchases to make sure everything worked out properly.  I will now add more products when I get time.

  • New website hosting

    I recently switched to this new website hosting service.  I was with my other service for many years but after reviewing this one it had all the features that I was looking for.  I'm still building this new site so check back often.