NOTE:  This 3d printing & scanning service is for basic household or personal items only.  Not for commercial applications.  


Not sure what 3d printing, 3d scanning and filament types are.  Learn more on this page

You can also view some actual scans that I made in this gallery.

Reasons to use this service

  • You own an item that can no longer be purchased so 3d scanning and printing will create a duplicate.   
  • You have an item that might be broke.  They can usually be taped or glued together enough to get a good scan then have it 3d printed as a new part or replacement part. 
  • You have an ornament or item that you would like scanned and made either smaller or larger. 

NOTE:  The larger the item the longer the scan and print time to produce your item.  Also a greater amount of print filament will be used which increases the final price.

Are you interested in having something scanned and printed?

  • Complete the form below and give as much information as possible about the item you would like scanned and printed.  Please note that some items might not be able to be printed.  This will be decided at the time of reviewing your form submission.  
  • Being a new service, I'll be temporarily limiting the maximum size of Items to 120mm on the long side. The smaller the item the less cost to scan and print because of less time and less filament used.
  • After reviewing your form submission, I will determine if it is something that I can scan and print.  It's possible that some items won't scan well.  Pricing depends on the size of your item, how long to print your item, and how much filament that will be used.  Pricing starts at $20 for small items less than 30mm.  The larger the item the greater the cost.  Items can be resized smaller from the original if needed.  


If you prefer just to have an item scanned and not printed the price will be much lower.  With each scan you will receive a STL and OBJ file that you will be able to view or edit in a CAD program.